Purpose of This Blog

The Final Goal of this Blog is to work towards the unification of the seceding denominations (and the one true original denomination) into a unified and public body of believers so as to properly fight the False Presbyterian Church (better known as the PC (USA)) and to subdue it from preaching a false gospel.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

More Talk on Instruments

Over at Backwoods Presbyterian they are discussing the use/non-use of Instruments. Take a Gander.


Steven Carr said...

Sure has been dead around here lately...hello? Hello? Anybody home?

polymathis said...

I'm home, most days anyway.

Ebenezer: Perhaps you should try slowing the pace: pick topics bi-weekly or tri-weekly. You've done much already.

Kyle Borg said...

What happened to this blog? Did it just cease to be last February?

polymathis said...

Good question.

I do laud his efforts at Reformed inter-denominational talks.

Perhaps he could open this blog up to multiple authors? Get four guys to write one article a month or some such. Or expand the topic to issues that are common to different Reformed churches; thus, attracting other readers.

my two cents,